As the leading French company in anti-theft protection, EAS (Electrical Article Surveillance)
Universal Product Protection conceives and produces protection systems at the source.

Our production expertise is based on three different technologies:
Electromagnetic – which may or may not be deactivated
Radio Frequencies 8.2Mghz or 10Mghz   
Magneto Acoustic 58Mghz

We bring our vision and conception to security by traceability: -RF-id  13,56 or 960.

The performance of these products and the quality of our service has enabled UPP to become one of the references in the European market of EAS anti-theft tracers due to its high debit automated tagging.

Our production for 2012 will surpass 350 million anti-theft labels.

In France the cost of disappearing stock exceeds 6 billion euros per year, that is 101 euros per year per habitant: Whether it be internal or external, stock deficit is a daily preoccupation for you, sales professionals. In fact, it increased by 3.9 % in 2007 compared to 2006, and represented more than 4.6 million euros worth of merchandise stolen from French shops. To respond to your needs, UPP in collaboration with its partners and clients in retail distribution, has conceived a large range of solutions and accessories to be both efficient and economical.

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