Protection against theft: an obligation for all retail outlets:

UPP is a major protagonist in the French security market: being at the same time, producer, distributer and provider of services in the domain of electronic security.

This young company draws its competence and know how from the experience of its management team with their abilities in the retail sector and in managing companies dealing with the security of products and their traceability. Through their multinational experience, the women and men who make up UPP, provide it with a solid and reliable base.

UPP sees itself as a partner capable of integrating and adapting numerous solutions, corresponding to the most diverse needs, to managing all types of risks and to reassuring clients from all sectors. Versatility is our strength!

By associating with us, manufacturers will benefit from our know how, precision, and our renowned experience in dealing with stock deficit.

Retail outlets


Your shops will become secure, organised and concentrated on sales. Efficiency and profitability will increase:  by  referencing “UPP products” distributors will capitalise on several advantages : more ...


Industry (or supplier): a committed approach:


When an industry is involved in a UPP programme it is committed, with regard to its distributers, to supply products that are efficiently protected against theft. To this end certain points are inescapable more ...

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