The fight against stock deficit reinvented

To rationalise the fight against stock deficit: a successful and efficient policy to fight against stock deficit must reconcile the systematic protection of the products while retaining a friendly atmosphere. This can be translated within the shop by placing anti-theft protection on as many articles as possible, in the best possible position, and at the same time being sufficiently discrete to avoid transforming the shop into a “bunker”!

This difficult balance can only be attained through a large budget in terms of time, and a certain motivation on the part of ones colleagues.

From the moment the stock deficit occupies a dominant position for the profitability of a shop UPP proposes the industrialisation of tag placing as protection against theft.

Why commit oneself to a programme of source tagging?

- To reduce costs/ Increase the R/I (of labour for labelling in shops, for protection, logistics and management).
-To increase the level of protection (optimise the efficiency of tagging by industrial means, increase the number of protected products and the dissuasive effect.
- To develop sales ( more self-service products, better integration of the protection, acceleration of the flow of merchandise, personnel reoriented to sales).

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